Saturday, October 19, 2019

Marketing with Stylized Stock Images ~ by Casey L. Bond


Most authors use stock photos from sites like Shutterstock or Deposit Photos to promote their work, making teasers or book trailers from images they find that relate to the subject matter on which they’re writing. But have you consider stylized stock images? Or photographing your own?


 What is stylized stock? They are images that are taken by photographers with a blank book or electronic device (iPad, iPhone, e-reader, etc.) that allow you to insert your cover photo into the image. One of my personal favorite sites that provide this service is The Image Apothecary. Photographer and Graphic Designer Regina Wamba is the brilliant, creative, mastermind behind the image groups and there is literally something for everyone. The stock is evocative and perfect for marketing on Instagram and other social media sites, newsletters, websites, etc.

Here is an image from The Image Apothecary with my upcoming release’s cover inserted into the picture: 

Another site that’s awesome for making promotional images is If you haven’t checked them out, they have a free option and a paid option. I use them a ton, so I opted for the paid option, but you can do whatever fits your needs and budget. With BookBrush, you can insert your own stock image or use one of theirs, generate 3-D images with your book cover, add text, buttons for retailers, etc. and download one image for use online. Here is a great example: 

They say not to judge a book by its cover. They’re wrong. Everyone does it. A great cover makes a person pick up your book. A great description makes them open it. Great marketing makes them want it. So, I hope you enjoyed the post and check out these sites if you think they might fit your marketing plan. There are other sites out there, but these are my personal favorites.

Happy reading!

Casey Bond

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