Saturday, December 5, 2020

Do you have a family pet? ~ by Debbie White

If you’re like me, pets fulfill me in ways I can’t explain. The unconditional love between a pet and their human is like that of a mother and her child.

The soft kisses and wet noses, along with tail wags, always bring a smile to my face, even during my darkest days. A day without a pet in my house will be a tranquil one, and quite frankly, I can’t even pretend to rationalize it.



I recently lost my “heart” dog. For those who have pets, you’ll understand. I’ve had many pets through-out my 60 plus years, but Briar held a special place in my heart. When she became ill, I worked hard researching natural remedies for the awful disease, Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA), to get off the more massive drugs that sometimes left her feeling worse than the illness. We still aren’t exactly sure how she got it. There are many triggers from immunizations, flea meds to yard fertilizers. She fought hard for ten months. She was so brave. Braver than me, I’m afraid. I knew that one day she’d be gone, but nothing could prepare me for the day I said good-bye. I’m still caring for her older brother she left behind. But I know my days with him are few. He’s fifteen years old.

So that I don’t end on a sad note, please know my little Briar had a great life. She was almost fourteen years old. She was sweet, good-natured, and we were blessed to have her in our life.

And so, if you love reading stories with animals in them, and even the ones without, I want to let you know that I give a percentage of all my book sales to local and national rescue organizations. When you read one of Debbie White’s books, you’re also helping a fur baby in need.

Most of my books feature a family pet, a farm animal, or something more exotic. They are one of my favorite characters to write, and I try hard to make the connection between furbaby and their human real. Something my readers can relate to.

Many of my past pets have made their debut in my books. Briar’s quirky personality most likely will find its way onto pages in one of my future projects.

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