Saturday, August 15, 2020

Using Dictation to Write ~ by Heather Dowell

This article will not be edited. I am writing it entirely by way of dictation. I want to show that dictation can be an effective way to write. Many people believe that it leads to erard writing. There will be some words throughout those post that are not completely accurate. However, the majority of this post we'll make sense.

For someone who is a very slow typer, like myself, dictation can be a game-changer. Even though it may lead to more time spent editing, the time saved getting the words down makes up for it. 50 cent is a method of writing in which you use a program that changes your speech and to text. Programs that require you to pay 10 to learn your voice and are more accurate and have additional features, such as built-in voice editing where you can say for instance the word 10 and it will highlights that word in the document and provide you with options to change it. Many of the errors you will find will be due to you are accents, speed, or because the word is a homophone.

it is very important to enunciate your words and to speak at a slow enough rate that's the system can keep up with you. Sometimes annunciation will not be enough and the word will still be inaccurate, but it is worth a try. Here is an attempt at the homophone. The number 10, I tend to the sheep, kick the tin can. Your you're.

Free systems, such as the one I'm using now, Google docs, will have less accuracy and functionality. but they are still huge time-savers for those who cannot type proficiently at 60 words per minute.

Dictation also helped me achieve greater workouts for each day because I was motivated by the progress I was making. Whereas I would have felt drained doing the same amount by way of typing.

Dictation is also a wonderful alternative 4 people who are intimidated by the blank screen because you can simply close your eyes and talk. And because the accuracy will not be 100%, it dulls your perfectionism. It allows you to write a crappy first draft. Because of the speed of dictation, and also helps underwriters. Often people underwrites because they are bored when giving detailed descriptions. It seems to take forever to write a scene when you really just want to get to the action part. So when you dictates you get to the action sooner, and because you know it will take you no time at all, you're willing to spend a few extra seconds putting in detail you may have left out until the second or third draft. Using dictation has helped me to become a more detailed writer. It is also wonderful for dialogue because it will automatically sound natural because I am speaking it.

When characters get into a heated conversation oh, it is so much easier for the dictation program to follow along with my thoughts rather than for my fingers to try to keep up with my mind.

There are so many pros to using dictation, however I should also mention the downside. If you are a proficient and accurate typist, the inaccuracy of dictation could lead to more time spent editing without the benefits of creating a faster draft. It is all so easy to project your voice as if you were an actor on a stage and strain it after hours of dictating. However, this can be avoided by speaking slowly and using a softer tone. Your computer or phone is surprisingly good at registering your voice even if you are to whisper like I am right this second.

when attempting to write my novel using dictation, I did suffer from over using my voice for several hours a day wall projecting. I am having to learn to speak differently. It is important to note that actual whispering also takes more effort than regular speaking, so it is not good to whisper because whispering contract certain muscles which will also call strain.

the other benefit of dictation is that it is much easier to jump into when you have had a long, stressful day. You will reach your goal much faster.because getting high word counts in a very little time is so motivating to me it is worth the effort to learn how to become a better dictator and practice self-care for my voice.

I hope that after reading this article you will give it a try.

Listen to Heather Dowell's podcast episode here.

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