Saturday, January 4, 2020

My year in review ~ by Joanne Jaytanie

2019 was a year of surprises and change. I’d made a list of the projects I wanted to complete for the year and was more successful than past years at reaching my goal. 

I released Salvaging Truth on January 31st. I couldn’t be more pleased with the reviews it has received from Kirkus Reviews, Chanticleer Book Reviews, BookViral, and InD’tale Magazine-including the coveted Crowned Heart. Salvaging Truth was also awarded Best Book Blurb for published work at Emerald City Writers’ Conference. 

Twice As Bad, Miss Demeanor, PI, book two was the next book I released. I truly enjoyed writing River and Gage’s second story. This time they found themselves in more danger and more personal conflict. I’m anxious to get back to their journey, but they will have to wait a bit.


Writing the third Forever Christmas in Glenville book was also on my list. I have wanted to return to my Christmas collection for over a year. But in July, I’d succumbed to the realization that once again, I wouldn’t have the time to devote to my Christmas story. Not two weeks later, I was offered the opportunity to take part in a Christmas collection with nine other authors.

The goal was to work to get our collection into USA Today. I didn’t say yes right away because the deadlines were very tight, especially for me. I’m primarily a pantser, which means I go into a story knowing my two main characters, have a general idea of what’s going to happen, and I start writing. It also means I write my book blurbs and taglines after the book is written. No matter how I worked it, I didn’t think I could get my story done. Then the suggestion was made for the common theme of the collection to have a Mistletoe Lodge. This theme was perfect for Forever Christmas in Glenville Book Three, because I didn’t have to create a new world or all new characters, and Christmas Chemistry came to life.

For the next two months, all I did was write, edit, and promo. It took a great deal of time and a lot of effort, but it was all worth it. Christmas at Mistletoe Lodge made its debut on USA Today at #88. I am beyond honored to have been invited to write with a fantastic group of authors. Women that I now call friends.

The final book I completed in 2019 was a three-part novella, Dogs of Fortune. I’m a member author of Romance Books 4 Us (RB4U) and this was the first time I’ve written with them. The idea of this series was to do an episodic series, just like the multitude of weekly series most of us watch at night on television. The title of this series is Soldiers of Fortune. Sadly, we didn’t get the turnout of the authors we expected. Therefore each book is shorter than we’d hoped. Even so, I truly enjoyed writing this romantic suspense with paranormal elements, and I love my characters, Zane, Blair, and their Dobermans. My plan is to continue their story.

Unfortunately, I realized when I committed to Christmas at Mistletoe Lodge, I wouldn’t have the time to write a fifth book for The Winters Sisters series. But I’ve already put my list together for 2020. The Winters Sisters, books five and six are the first two priorities for this new year. I am chomping at the bit to get back into the Sisters world.

After the two Winters Sisters books are completed, I’ll be returning to Hunters & Seekers, and Miss Demeanor, PI. I have a full year, and I’m excited to get my new stories out into the world. I write primarily romantic suspense, supernatural, thriller, and mystery. My Christmas stories are sweet romance.

Thanks for inviting me, Kristine. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and look forward to visiting with you again in 2020.

Wishing everyone a new year full of love and adventure. Don’t forget to take some time to be with those you love and create new memories along the way.


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