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Question to my readers ~ by Ava Cuvay

Hello from Ava Cuvay!

When Kristine invited me to be a guest blogger, I thought, “Sure! I can be witty and interesting for about 150 words!” (to be honest, 150 words might be pushing my “wit” capacity ;-)

But as my blog deadline approached, I realized I actually need some reader help on a new project. So rather than a blog filled (sprinkled?) with wit and snark, I’m asking you for some feedback. Here’s the thing:

Cyborg Transparent #1005832

I normally write hot Sci-fi Romance set in another universe filled with aliens (mostly humanoid, although there’s the occasional extra appendages or tentacles). But I’m veering off course to come back to earth and write an aging cyborg series. Maybe because, as I approach the big 5-0 birthday, my body is yelling louder that I can’t do everything I was once able to, so I thought it would be interesting to write about the special challenge cyborgs would have as both their human body and the cyborg parts begin to age and creak and groan and break-down.

So my questions to you are:

© Terminator Franchise - James Cameron
At what point in our future do you see actual viable mechanical “upgrades” available to wounded soldiers and first responders? I’m envisioning a “Robocop” or early “I, Robot” type of situation. Could it happen now, decades, or centuries in the future?

In what sort of form would these first cyborg “upgrades” manifest? Mechanical, with gears and motors? Or more pneumatic and computer-y? More obvious-cyborg with upgrades showing (think “Terminator” without the skin) or more human-android-like (“Terminator” with the skin, or the androids in the Alien series)? Slick and shiny like a new car or clunky and loud like a steam engine?

What sort of malfunctions would you anticipate? Broken parts needing replaced? Software upgrades (gotta love how those can really mess things up!)? RAM/Processor inadequate or slowing… blue screen of death? Internal power lines leaking?

© i,Robot - Davis Entertainment/20th Century Fox
What do you think the biggest issue with being an early-model cyborg would be? The integration of human and cyborg parts? The battle for the brain between human and CPU? Societal prejudice against cyborgs? Being at the mercy of hackers who might upload malware to your CPU? An internal struggle with the reality of not being “whole” human?

Okay, those are all my questions for now. I know it seems like I threw a lot at you. I probably did, but feel free to pick and choose what you answer. This is the kind of brainstorming/throwing-stuff-at-the-wall-and-seeing-what-sticks process authors often go through with their friends, pets, office walls, and voices in their heads. It’s fun and frustrating and can be overwhelming, but your answers and ideas will help me fine-tune my story. Trust me on this, your responses are invaluable. And a big THANK YOU to Kristine for letting me come here today. And another big THANK YOU to you the reader for your time and support!

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