Saturday, June 22, 2019

Gremlins ~ by Melissa Bennett

I don’t know if you have, shall we say, a freeloader in your house. But I do. He is a stinky little beast. Over the past several years, really since I started writing, he’s gotten a whole lot nastier. And lives under my desk.

He’s a persistent little bugger. His favorite thing to do is sneer at me. He’s insistent upon halting my process. Most of the time, I obstinately ignore him. He hates when I do that.

On occasion, however, when I am tired or discouraged with the pace of my journey, this monster catches me off guard. He whispers to me things that bring disquiet to my spirit.

“You have no skill. Why are you doing this?”

I listen. And I repeat his question back to myself.

“Why do you write that stuff? People laugh at you.”

I entertain that scenario. It terrifies me. With each accusation I entertain, his voice emboldens and my heart shrinks.

“Your stories are naive and predictable.”

I begin to affirm these dreadful doubts and finally end up speaking the terrible slander back to myself! 

“You should quit. Give in and give up on this silly dream of writing,” I say.

The white flag of surrender that resides in my back pocket grows heavy. I contemplate taking it out and waving it. Just as my hand touches the banner of surrender…

Another voice, sweet and small, speaks.

“You are not alone. I am with you.”

The gremlin cowers at the sound. And my heart beats stronger.

“Your desire to honor Me brings Me pleasure.”

He showers words of peace upon my weary soul.

“There is someone who needs to hear your stories.”

My back straightens.

“Let’s do this together.”

The gremlin scurries back into his cave. My smile returns. I remember why I write. I remember my audience.

Only One ultimately needs to be pleased. My hands resume their place at the keyboard as His reassurance washes over me.

My encouragement to you is this: Don’t quit! Don’t give in to the doubts! Keep going! Keep creating friends!! The gremlin loses!

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